Monday, April 1, 2030

Boozhoo, Aaniin, Hello !

Native Reader seeks to uphold, through literature, the dignity of all native people: past, present, and future.

This is a work in progress and is not meant to be a review of all MN Native texts, but ones which may fit and support K-12 teachers and people wanting to learn about our state's original people.
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  1. Thanks again for creating this site! I have added a link to this wonderful site from our Common Core WIKI. If you are interested in joining that site to see our work, visit

  2. Amazing! What a resource for teachers, parents, and students to access quality literature from which the image of American Indian can be uplifted. I appreciate all that you have done to support the healing and shifting into our future.
    - Shannon, a parent of American Indian Students in Forest Lake Schools

  3. Hi Dawn,

    Your blog is a great resource! I am a Library Media Specialist in MN and am looking for good titles for middle school students regarding Native Americans in Minnesota.

    One thing to look at - and I'm guessing "blogger" automatically did this as you posted, but your last post says it was written in August 2014.

    I look forward to looking through the titles and resources you have posted!